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  • Giorgio Ascoli

    Giorgio Ascoli

    University Professor, Department of Bioengineering

    Molecular Neuroscience Department: Description and generation of dendritic morphology, hippocampus, human memory, neuron classification, semantic maps


  • William G. Kennedy

    William G. Kennedy

    Associate Professor

    Computational cognitive modeling, computational social science

  • Frank Krueger

    Frank Krueger

    Associate Professor | Chief, Social Cognition and Interaction: Functional Imaging (SCI:FI) Lab

    Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience: Social Cognition & Prosocial Behaviors


  • James L Olds

    James L Olds

    University Professor of Neuroscience, Policy and Government at GMU; Head of the Biological Sciences Directorate at NSF

    Role of signal transduction in memory storage


  • Tyler H. Shaw

    Tyler H. Shaw

    Associate Professor

    Vigilance or sustained attention, Human-Computer interaction, trust in automation, team performance.

  • Siddhartha Sikdar

    Siddhartha Sikdar



  • James C Thompson

    James C Thompson


    Associate Professor

    Examining how we recognize human movement and make sense of other peoples' actions and how this can be applied in specialized settings such as surveillance and in conditions in which human movement recognition may be impaired.